What’s wrong with my guinea pig? :(?

My guinea pig is usually 1 & any half years old.Today, she wasn’t herself.She IS IN LOVE WITH carrots in addition to barely ate a main I gifted her.Your woman ate possibly half connected with her turf.She’s just been setting up all daytime! She sneezed Three times had been, but I’m sure it had been because Thought about just obtained my fingernails painted in addition to I family dog her.What’s erroneous with her Should i bring her towards vet in the event she’s not better tomorrow

Lethargic guinea pigs are certainly not a fine sign.She can be sick.Has your woman been drinking Or even, she can become dehydrated and perhaps die.Its vital that you keep close track of her and check out anymore indicators.If indicators become more intense, or she wasn’t eating as well as drinking whatsoever, take her for the vet without delay.For now, bring her inside a small parrot cage, inside in the event she resides outside, to help you check about her when you are apprehensive.Also research a lttle bit about guinea pig health concerns in addition to check its symptoms to check out if these people match along with hers.

Best of luck!

She looks like fairly fatigued, but you’ll could telephone the vet and get if any visit would be necessary initially.It’s probable that she might be sick, or she may just be getting sluggish.She’s most certainly not very aged so it’s not old get older laziness.In either case, I’m guaranteed she’ll end up being fine, just allow the vet an engagement ring and see what you should do.(:Best of luck.

Bring her for the vet as soon as possible.Don’t panic though.She’s probably just tired.It is that she is just receiving old.Related to I have helped.:)

I would get it done just being safe! Their better risk-free then remorseful.

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