Whats wrong with my cats eye?

i just recognized from just one single observation the sprinkling, appears to be he has shouting from just this observation! my partner and i vow one thing my partner and i notion had been this individual had been nauseous trigger now i am from feline foods, in addition to he is unhappy pondered to help give food to him or her a sheet of corndog instead =/

I can guess he’s okay…perhaps he has hypersensitivity, from time to time as soon as this allergies end up this felines hypersensitivity acquire plus she’s goopy, watering face….unless you assume it’s hypersensitivity tumble sorted out by just a vet however love it if more question that it is serious.

1st never give the cat any corn dog
Minute That sight probably just infected
Third have him towards vet for that observation in addition to to make sure the actual corn puppy didnt can something harmful.

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