What’s the best type of dog for me to get ?

This really is my scenario:
Concerning 1 doggy already, YOUR Schnoodle, But am wanting to get another puppy.
My budget range is average between $200 plus $450.
My mother is sensitized so ‘m seeking a doggie that sheds not much.
My times are very busy so I can only acquire my pet dogs out regarding about A half-hour for work out.
Sizing, I would likely prefer 52 pounds or under.
I will not want a super energetic puppy.
I loove dogs which can be fluffy! Lol.
It might need to be by yourself for about 7 hours each day as I head to school && My parents look at work, So I’m wanting to get in the summer after i can often be home to train it.
I want a dog that is very friendly to people it knows.
&& I have Minnesota!


correction, you then have a schnauzer/poodle mix

for ones price array..shelter and also rescue..as simply no well-bred dog will probably be that low cost.

online world.petfinder.com look at some poodle combinations and see if mom has a reaction to be able to them.

Probably your Shih-Zu, Birkenstock boston Terrier (but now there about $1500), Yorkie, as well as Rat Terrier.

All puppies will probably be energetic.



Go to your local shelter they usually will help you find the ideal dog that will fits ones requirments.

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