What’s a fish that you think should be more popular but it isn’t?

by way of example, i think pencilfish appear interesting, but none in the stores i visit carry them.Thanks!

I suppose this will depend on the average person shop and country however in my own country it appears to be Clown loach very shops share them we only became mine mainly because some one was along grading generally there tank i are developing 7 marine shops and none commodity clown loach.

Ok, so you’re deciding on the aquarium trade attraction.Hmm…I can’t think of one at this time.

This can be totally various than precisely what you’re requesting about, but I believe that Cyprinus carpio deserves gamefish status as an alternative to just becoming considered a “trash” or even “rough” bass.They acquire big and fight difficult.

i believe gouramis have become pretty, but they’re just SO difficult to acquire.one family pet store i went to saw the best way disappointed i became to learn they decided not to have gouramis, In order that they lied to be able to me(thinking we were stupid) plus handed me personally a tiger barb (in a bag involving course)and said it turned out a gourami.BOY those who work pet stores will be STUPID!

I think the normal pacu all these fruit over eating piranha are generally awesome along with grow to your foot much time but, no one carries except as little ones which it will take years pertaining to them growing, and pertaining to salt mineral water the dark brown banned bed sheets shark no one has these people and i’d to purchase mine by means of mail to get it

ceylon puffer, the majority have by no means even aware of them..

green noticed puffers.

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