What would YOU stock?

Hi there all, this is primarily with regard to fun, I’m just looking for ideas.
I will be creating a 135 gallon aquarium in the store.(Ice product shop.)
It’ll include:
THREE OR MORE 6 in .Clown Loaches without delay, 3 a lot more additions because I come across more of across the same width.
THREE OR MORE Anglelfish.
SIX Bronze Corys.
They’re fish POST presently get.

The aquarium will be well planned and planted, and include adequate driftwood, caves, or anything else.

And so, in addition to those fish, what ever add

With thanks for trying to play!

i probably would not recommend them within a home aquarium, but seeing that it’s a good ice treatment store, maybe all those glow fish since these are colorful and will get people while in the mood to get more ice cream.

well personally i might add shoals (about 80-90 connected with them) connected with small training fish including white confuses or neon tetras.i discover they look brilliant in substantial planted tanks once they get the schooling behavior that regarding really present in small tanks.those in addition to corys fishing around end of it would look really good in a good planted fish tank.

20-30 rummy nostril tetra (My favored fish ever) They’re so sweet I Definitely love these individuals:) WE also keep them by using everything everyone stated earlier mentioned (what your coinsidence! )

In case you didnt possess the loaches I would add any featherfin Catfish.I’ve one and he is really amazing (and SEVEN inches!! )

How with regards to some leopard danios They are large enough to not be eaten by the angelfish, but compact enough to never crowd that tank.A substantial school connected with about twenty would appearance wonderful with all the correct tank setup, lights and tankmates.

Why don’t you consider one frequent pleco, or maybe a sailfin pleco ANY school connected with harlequin rasboras is lovely, although it is a bit tricky with all the angelfish.

Tiger barbs are usually awesome in addition to lively.I personally love africa knife sea food, they tend to be cool seeking, and easier to get to eat dry out food than a few of the other chef knives.Also I enjoy my redtail dark-colored shark.A cool looking pleco or maybe other pussy-cat would as well be a great choice.

Add a few tetras.

-merlin marina AQUARIUM

With a tank which large, you’ll be able to easily escape with several schools of tetras, as long as they’re major enough to never get selected on because of the others.I might suggest Dark-colored Skirt tetras, but Long-finned Reddish colored Minors may also be very quite.Make positive you put at the least 6 throughout there, however, because they aren’t happy unless they want more of their own kind.Tiger Barbs may also be very quite, but without having at least 6-8, they’re going to get quite aggressive.If you want a more restful tank, one or two Mollies or maybe Platys are extremely pretty also, and include many versions.The Cremesicles will be my favored.

Something you should be aware connected with, however, could be the cycling method.You can not put each of the fish you might have right now in to the tank with no letting it cycle first without expect a number of casualties.Look up the method online, add that fish some during a period, and do frequent mineral water changes.Many dog stores will test ones water without cost, so it is really good to try and do that every few days to learn where you’re in your cycling process.It normally takes 2 , 3 weeks, but it’s worthwhile to create a healthy, balanced environment in your fish.Mollies became hardy, and are also good fish make use of for biking.Good beginners luck!

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