What would you consider a good-sized tank?

10gallon appearing nano, including a 200 staying big.What can you consider to become a normal-sized ocean tank dimensions Somewhere all around 30-125 I’m seeking to decide…
Thanks a ton in enhance:3

With people parameters, a great size tank will be 6 footer.Consequently I gotta express a 125.

Well we own a new 75 including a 10 so we’d say FITYFIVE gallons or maybe 75.Additionally , it depends in how knowledged inside subject you will be.If anyone new for you to saltwater i recommend 35+ once you learn what your own doing or perhaps did quite a few months associated with research you possibly can doa 15 gallon nano.There’s no doubt that im lucky with my own nano your worst this ever taken place what eco-friendly algae grow that spread like wildfire.I bought it at hand.All, in most i might say FIFTY FIVE gallons:)

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Something from the 50-100 range would have been a sensible dimensions.Of study course bigger is much better, but that starts costing a lot of $$.30gal is possible to work without a great number of problems, but is usually pretty limited concerning what fish it is possible to keep.

For just a first marine tank a new 55 and also 75gal can be good.


50 gallons.Not really too significant, not way too small.
thats pertaining to freshwater.

Offshore Dunno.I aren’t keen on saltwater tanks.

Between 90 and 110 gallons would have been a “good-sized” reservoir.

I employ a 75 gallon Ocean tank and that to me is a good size.

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