What types of fish would thrive in a freshwater, 20 gallon tank?

Any kind of ideas associated with what species could have an fresh water 20 gallon container, and how many

That is determined by what your certain preferences are generally.In any 20g tank, you may keep some sort of school regarding six in order to eight tetras, danios or maybe rasboras along with a group involving four for you to five otocinclus’ catfish, or a group of four to personal training guppies, platies, swordtails as well as endlers.Another option could well be two girl dwarf gourami’s, or you could potentially even maintain four womans betta’s to form a betta fish sorority.

Look at the pursuing website to get more options with stocking a 20g freshwater tank.


im about to have a 20 longer with
6-longfin crimson minor tetras,
1-dwarf gourami,
and 6-pygmy corys

Throw a tiny catfish within.Then look at tetras.A tiny shoal associated with Neons or maybe Cardinals could go perfectly.Keep individuals light plus colorful.

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