What type of dog is your favorite?

Schnauzer ‘s with luck.I experienced him from Four weeks till this individual was 13yrs old.He needed to be put decrease for a great enlarged soul.He knew word in addition to hand commands.He taken me everywhere and when I what food was in the bathroom, he were standing guard my door.Remington seemed to be the best, lovingest, best friend We’ve ever got!!!! I skip him everyday & novice 2 yrs & SEVEN mos & 17 days given that he went within the Rainbow Connection!!!

Thank you a lot, it is usually such a strong honor!

German Shepards are by far and away the finest dog alive.They usually are big, deep, BEAUTIFUL, protective, and they’re going to never weary you! You may take these individuals for corners, groom these, play retrieve, snuggle using them, etc.They are definitely one of the greatest dogs to the face with the planet!! Hope you will get one!!!

Well, currently it’s the Foreign Shepherd.I’m hoping to get a tricolor Aussie dog as the next dog.I think there’re the most amazing dogs ever before!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel And Pit bulls.I personal a Cavalier and volunteer with a pit bull save.

Bernese Mountain Dog along with Cavalier California king Charles Spaniels

My particular favorite is actually pugs.We’ve owned 3 analysts.

Australian Shepherds within the past 35 several years!

GERMAN SHEPHERDS! They may be absolutely wonderful, awesome puppies!

Golden Retriever.

Border Collie’s and Aussie’s with luck:)

Wheaten Terriers & Aussies.(;

Boxers! They may be awesome! We’ve 2.

English Bulldog

I Adore Huskys <3

collies!!! they may be adorbs

labs and huskies!!


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