What to do with my dog?

My own cousin is known for a almost 2 year good old miniature poodle(that post strongly dislike), she preserves on taking it to my house hold without us if you know she is coming.i you should not mind the girl coming over that much because nancy good more often than not with my own dog(2 yr old corgi/dachshund).Nonetheless her doggie attacks plus growls during other canines, tries for you to bite you once you take the toy or bone coming from her, tries to be able to attack anyone that tries to choose her up, and will be afraid involving men.A couple of weeks before i seen my doggie, who is the nicest dog there can be, started attacking us for wanting to take his toy, then a couple of days afterwards he seemed to be chewing on a bone and it was about to fill him on his dinner(he’s not really a big eater) consequently i tried to adopt it in addition to he scratched my palm.yesterday the neighbor and also his wife became available of their own house utilizing their dog once we were going for walks them mutually and some of our neighbor(who’s a working man and my dog loves) he backed from the and began barking from with our cousins canine.then currently me my personal sister cousin and some of our dogs where in the yard along with playing tennis games and my dog required the shot so i tried for getting it outside his jaws and stepped on their paw and attacked my family.PLEASE SUPPORT!!!!! I WISH MY PUPPY BACK!!!

Well, the cause of this is your dog getting around the cousins dog.You should take handle of your pet again.He has picked upwards the behavior from the cousins doggie.So things you require to perform is continue to that park and also socialize him or her with additional dogs plus people.This is often how my own dog employed to act, but now we have socialize allot and the problem has been solved.All the best!

This includes nothing to do with your step-brother or the girl dog.This can be your doggy behaving badly.You should reinforce teaching and encourage the behaviors you wish.You ought to contact an attractive reinforcement trainer to get into behavior training.

ok for all you love your uncle, you need to keep away from that doggie, your cousins dog can be your dogs position model.You require so professional player help.So you better find help quick beacuse you could try get yourself a toy after which if you start bleeding or if you are dog(or cousins) dog bites a kid or another the dog needs to get deposit.If a person cant keep the dog inside contral you should put this down or even put it within the pound.

Please get assist!!!

Your dog needs the attitude adjustment…So does your cousins doggie and probably your cousin for letting your dog act that way.Discipline terrible behavior, encourage good actions….It most likely wouldn’t hurt to stay the cousins dog away, or also, punish him too, let your dog see that will nobody will get away by it.Get straight together with your cousin, unless you want the girl dog around there, explain to her.That or even tell her go on and bring doggy but will not get upset if you crate it/discipline it/or tie up it upward outside.:)

ps, dont let your dog attack people, your as a minimum 5′ you have a corgi/dachshund, in the event its going to attack anyone, do what you gotta do of showing it who is boss.your lucky you have a little puppy, bad animal parenting can but will get a person hurt.

Dogs will invariably try that will lead, it’s their characteristics, they may back down after they know you happe

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