What to do about water and enlarged guppy.?

This can be my subsequent fish containing gotten this concern but this town regurgitated an incredibly long white-colored string this seemed very thick when compared with guppy width.i dont realize whats happening with the tank.I just did an entire water switch.when i became treating another fish i had been using your mayacn 2 from mardel with regard to his tummy which he improved.But right now this fish’s belly is bloated but is not pineconing, post dont see any red-colored streaks with his body, but they does have got a white spot to the top involving his physique right next to his dorsal termin but many experts have there since we received him.It doesnt appear patchy or perhaps fuzzy yet ill appear closer once more.Im really at my own wits end now and i feel like i would like to give these people up or reduce them.

Ps:originally WHEN I only experienced one guppy in the five gallon aquarium but our parents in addition to brother purchased the fish considering the problem and another one unsuspectingly.I used to be really mad after they did this particular but now there are 3 fish within a five gallon tank as i asked my mother she said she cant have the funds for another tank right now which i will understand but i just now want them that they are healthy in addition to happy and at this time they glance sickly as well as miserable.

I am undecided, but WE remember when i was minor and use to own fish.White spots appeared to be called Ick.or some thing all you do to treat it was to put a dye within the water:) Good Luck

Guppies will need 10 gallon tanks bare minimum.

“I simply did the complete water change”

Awful.Never carry out a 100% drinking water change.This will likely severely mess up the bacterial colony within the tank.

Before acquiring any fish whatsoever, please carry out research.

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