What to do about crappy hooves?

My pony offers really inadequate hooves.It looks like after only 2 weeks of these being performed, I must call that farrier for a second time.They obtain cracked in addition to chipped hence easily.Also, they have become flat and show like pancakes! That footing from our barn is actually great, in addition to very dry out.I am thinking about putting boots and shoes on her, would this work Or regarded as a give your girlfriend supplements

You may choose to look into a new farrier.Shoes may also help.Also, I know quite a few people which swear by means of Farrier’s Formulation by SmartPak, nonetheless I’ve individually never used it.

But a good farrier needs to be trying to correct whatever the condition is, not ignoring it or maybe letting it get worse.

She definately needs to be shoed.From the method that you described your girlfriend hoof pattern it appears like she maybe pan footed or perhaps trimmed drastically wrong causing this foot to build in of which shape.Direction find a good reputable ferrier whom specializes with corrective shoeing.Corrective shoeing will assist correct your girlfriend feet by means of causing the hoof to build in the shape of the shoe.Shoeing will help avoid her hooves from cracking and also chipping.

I would also end up being putting hoof flex on her 2x’s a day.All my own horses which have some white of their hooves obtain hoof flex place on them.The products really does work wonders.Also you can check from your area feed shop for supply supplements which might be designed to provide extra minerals to build stronger hooves.The stuff can be pretty high priced though so I would probably wait until you obtain a fine Ferrier around and observe what your dog says.For now try in addition to keep her from sand and also mud, both will cause her toes to crack more (one creating them that they are too dry, the additional to humid and soft).

All the best and Lord Bless!

they sell these things called keratex or maybe karatex when i forgot the actual spelling but we have used this on many horses that works wonders in conditioning the hoof! you merely apply it towards hoof with their brush so you see leads to about 3 weeks.I LOVE IT!….only awful thing its a little pricey and not too bad

shoes would help for the moment, but i would put your girlfriend on some hoof hidden knowledge, its excellent stuff, in addition to apply hoof shower like hooflex, bad weather maker, or maybe farnam shur hoof, they are all good.and in the event you tackle the condition with all three (shoes outfitting and supplement) a person wont have shoes inside probably Several months

You must consult a seasoned farrier SHORTLY.

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