What size tank should I get for 3 mollies and a betta ?

35 gallons regarding 3 mollies plus a seperate 5 for the betta.Mollies need hard water which includes a high ph as well as salt.Bettas need soft water which includes a low pH and no salt.

Betta’s will be quite potent (especially males) and will nip during and eventually kill other species with fish.Mollies will be rather aggressive sometimes too, specifically to other species.Bettas will be best located with fish that are not gleaming or get fin veils with any kind, and it is usually a harmful idea fit them together with fish that happen to be slow.Lively, quick fish that are not “topwater” bass are excellent for all of them, again thus longer for the reason that fins will not be similar.You happen to be best out of with 2 different tanks, a 1-2 gallon to the Betta and then for the mollies you ought to get 15-20 gallons bare minimum.
*Interestingly, it is possible to place some sort of Betta in a very tank with no pump, because they breathe air through the surface belonging to the fish caused by an appendage called the actual labyrinth that is certainly in his or her heads.

NOO do not place mollies, platies or even guppies which includes a betta!!!!

these types of fish usually are all extremely aggressive against each other.

My betta wiped out the whole speciese with guppy with my tank and i’d 5 in that case i succeeded them by using platties just one survied next i were feeling sorry in addition to took it returning to be rehomed nevertheless it was within a bad express, then I replaced these folks with mollies which often didnt stand the opportunity.:( so i bought various kinds of tetras now black, neon, white even more i also provide a catfish who’s awsome!

Cory’s undoubtedly are a good fish to maintain with the betta and there’s many more you just need to look straight into it much more!

Cory, Cherry shrip, Africa butterfly bass, gourmi and lots of more

all the best .x

A 20-30 gallon.Yet before undertaking that, there’s a couple of points I would like to raise.

Bettas as well as Mollies own different pH desires.

Mollies are best in brackish h2o.They can are now living Freshwater but that can shorten its lifespan and in addition they will frequently be struggling disease.

As an alternative to Mollies, investigate Platies.

I include never got mollies but they ought to be necessarily mean aggressive fish once they are going in with one thing else mean being a betta.There ought to be plenty connected with room to be able to flee through the other sea food so I’m sure a 25 to somewhat of a 30 will be good to your fish.

25 minimum amount.And you ought to get almost all female mollies or perhaps you will have agression issues.Platies would be a safer reservoir mate for just a betta,
you might have a betta and THREE OR MORE platies in a very 10 gallon

Mollies including a betta really are a bad collaboration.They could both pop each other peoples fins.
In addition, mollies similar to hard water which includes a high pH, as well as bettas similar to soft, simple to slightly acid water.

Female mollys will be ridiculous they’re just aggressive to their own sexuality.

Take the betta released!

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