What should I name my puppy?

Nancy a Irish Wolfhound and I get to pick your ex up through the breeder from a week.I love 2 artists but won’t be able to choose.Some may be Fionna plus the other can be Teagan.What kind do you want best And why

I enjoy the identify Teagan.
But it can be hard to tell if it’d suit the dog without any picture.
You might just attempt both on the names until you discover one which sticks.That’s might know about did if we brought property our puppy.:)

😀 I love Fionna greater!

I really like Irish Wolfhounds! I’d like one.MY SPOUSE AND I always needed one, but I do not buy from breeders (not saying anythings completely wrong with that, I merely don’t perform it) WE get our dogs from shelters, as well as I’ve certainly not seen one there.I’ve truly got pit bulls today, but I’ve always preferred the significant breeds like Irish Wolfhounds, mastiffs, Excellent Danes, etc.Congrats on your own new doggy!!!:)

I believe Fiona is a great name for the reason that Irish Wolfhounds will be beautiful dogs and since your pet is a girl, Fiona is a more pin up name.And Relating to never even heard of the brand Teagon prior to!

Irish Wolfhound

http://www.youtube .com.com/watchv=8xHy7jHrhAw

http://www.youtube .com.com/watchv=2LvQbFS-PYI

a title with 2 sylibles including ha-rry and also dai-sy
its simpler for them to understand and in case your training them too! it is possible to add experience and energy to the item.

Fiona suits her reproduce, and is definitely easier to express and in all likelihood for your girlfriend to respond to.

i like fiona however u may also spell the item pheona! yet yah fiona!! i dont similar to teagan at all sorry lol anticipation i helped

Teagan is definitely nicer mainly because it’s several and stands out a lot more.Fiona appears more for a persons title, not a new dog lol

I like fionna for the reason that its much more girlie/feminine and also because it’s prettier.

teagans lovely…yeah teagan…it sounds like megan….yet its teagen…choose teagan

Teagon is usually an awsome label, it reminds us of Deltora Goal.Fiona sounds a little bit too girly to get a wolfhound

I like the label Teagan.

Fionna becausse it looks like it would likely fit


I just like Teagan far better!; )


i like fionna greater i have no idea why lol.

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