What should i feed my russian dwarf hamster?….help!?

my partner and i tried quite a few things but he looks not over eating anything simply some occasions he consumes chicken.i want to acquire hamster meal but at this time there i not any pet store close by, i have kuwait, salmiya, anyone with hamster in kuwait can assist and other folks from outside kuwait could tell any kind of food which we are able to get easily inside grocery save.please support!!!….

fruits along with veggies generally work fantastic, and some varieties of nuts or perhaps seeds, likewise oats.my dwarf hamster adored dog biscuits so if you have access to any of them its worth a try

Okay firstly often search for some nuts hard to hearing first.Go online to test for petstores in your area.If there may be really none.or if you think its past an acceptable limit, you need to give it to a good hamster manager.

Sunflower seeds
Unsalted nuts
Dried up banana
Thoroughly clean leaves/grass

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