What punishment would face a young American man (not a teenager) who killed a homeless dog?

In Russian are living talk show, there ended up being an anxiety attack about harshness of today’s Russian persons.This person beheaded the homeless pet, held the dog head, created a photo and created on their site.
He was not arrested, fined or even anything.He ended up being a “guest” with a show, some sort of creep, and defended himself nevertheless was practically nothing and he / she needed the popularity.Their mother contracted with him or her.

Death fees…Yeah I recognize it sucks.

Unfortunately, Russians will be cruel as well as stupid.Their country grows into Mexico quickly.They don’t have normal laws and regulations.If anyone committed transgression, he will pay cops, judges, politicians underneath the family table and absolutely nothing gonna happen to your pet.All usual people ran out from the country.Government doesn’t like people, legal guidelines, economy, positions, education.It’s a great wild land.

“What physical punishment would face a young American guy (not some sort of teenager) who killed the homeless dog”



hopefully whenever he gets returning to USA he can be stored accountable

Here inside NY US he would visit jail.

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