What kind of hybrid dog is this?

POST saw your girlfriend today…she had one’s body shape of an greyhound (though your lover had additional meat upon her our bones than the majority of greyhounds and also the chest was not as pronounced) and also the fur color and regularity (feel) resembled any german shepherd.The curly hair was shorter than a GS’s, even though.Her mind was a little wider in addition to taller than a typical greyhound (not because sleek).Any thoughts I initially googled the german language shepherd in addition to greyhound mixes certainly, but they will didn’t really appear to be this dog did.

no these kinds of thing to be a “hybrid” dog

it might have been a mix, or might have been an precise breed..hard to speak about without any pic.






It’s quite hard without getting a picture, but it might be a Lu rcher.Those tend to be dogs who’s parents are any sort of Sight hound, bred which has a terrier most probably,

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