What kind of catfish is this?

My buddy had the catfish this he stated he will often have caught or perhaps bought (he couldn’t remember) and I usually thought it was amazing.It always hung out on this one concealing spot.Them had quite big mouth area and acquired long whiskers.It had been about 5 inches if it died but idk exactly how big the item wouldve picked up.Any guidelines or suggestions of catfish this behave like this could be appreciated.Thanks the lot

If he caught that fishing in North america it was possibly the flathead catfish, Pylodictis olivaris.

There are numerous South U .s .tropical catfish put on fit this particular description.A lot of those cluster from the Pimelodidae household.

Tabitha in addition to Gary usually are both appropriate that far more detail is helpful in order to narrow down the possibilities.You would give three characteristics this help reduce the field a tad.Long whiskers, big lips, including a sedentary pattern suggestive of an ambush predator instead of a roving scavenger as well as a nocturnal rogue.If the actual fish matched all three of the people, and it was before caught, not really bought, the flathead catfish nonetheless sounds one of the most likely.Read through the catfish photos on planetcatfish.com It is a huge way to obtain photos, but if you ever keep shopping, you will certainly find a new close fit.

Do there are a better story What coloring You basically described a huge selection of catfish! It’s like saying “my companion had your puppy that has been 10 lbs with floppy ears and a wagging butt, what sorts of dog was it”….; )

Many possibilities:
Green bullhead catfish:
bumblebee catfish:
azure catfish:
http://www.tpwd.point out.tx.us/fishboat/fish/management/hatcheries/images/bigcat.jpg
strolling catfish:
red tail catfish:
pictus catfish:
spade nose catfish:
and so forth.

Yet again, more detail can drastically help.Was it grey Seen Striped Does the whiskers most of face ahead What color fins or anything else.

Possibly some sort of Channel Catfish, could have been caught locally or ordered.5″ continues to a baby, world record is about 3 feet long, plus 58 ponds.I suspect your pals tank simply were big enough to house an enormous fish like that.


http://aqualandpetsplus.com/Catfish, %20Channel.htm


Since there are thousands of species regarding catfish, and just about all have lips and whiskers, I’m scared you’re planning to have to provide some more info before anyone might make a reasonable guess.

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