What kind and how many fish can i put in 10gallon tank prefer something low maintance?

should i need heater i’ve filter

Well, you then have a variety associated with options.

In order low maintence I might recomend Guppies.

Guppies usually are:

You’ll have 5 within a 10 gallon.Have male only or girl only, never mix, they will certainly breed out of control.

Yes obtain a heater, there’re lower end tropical although it’d possibly be better regarding them.

Just complete a 25% water change each week, after which you can refil having new trained water, your set to get a happy tank.(:Best of luck!

It depends on what you look for.you can head over to petsmart or petco and select anything.just ensure you get a new sucker seafood.it can your container clean.the least difficult fish tend to be beta (you can just have one) as well as goldfish you can actually also complete mollys as well as barbs or maybe guppies just if you choose anything rather than goldfish or even a beta you’ll need a heat tank and virtually any fish i’d personally ensure you have your filter.it the two clean and provide oxygen towards fish

Here’s a directory of fish that will live from a 10 gallon aquarium.


Only fish that will live within a 10 gal devoid of heater is the white impair mountain minnow, the rest need heating.

Its also wise to fishless cycle the reservoir before having any sea food:
Here is some leads:




Highway to information, you usually are insane.Goldfish grow too big and also messy for your 10 gallon.Even JUST ONE fancy needs a minimum of 20 gallons, ONE common desires 50, just about every with filtration rated with regard to twice that tank size…

You require a heater to keep the mineral water maintained at a constant heat between 78-82F, since there aren’t any cold mineral water fish suitable for such a tiny tank.White cloud mountain minnows tend to be active schooling fish which require tanks upwards of 15g.

What I’d highly recommend is one particular betta sea food, as it might do well inside a 10g aquarium.Dwarf gourami’s are suitable regarding 10g tanks, but they’re a lot more fragile compared to betta’s.Another option will be endler livebearers, you can keep a group of three to four in the 10g aquarium.Here is a superb list connected with fish well suited for a 10g fish tank.


Be certain you’ve cycled ones tank very first, though!



there’s simply no such point as reduced maintenance in such a hobby.if you’d like your fish to flourish, you’re about to are related water changes along with cleaning.

In the 10 gallon reservoir, I might recommend 2-3 goldfish.I heater will be fine, however , not really vital.

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