What is/was the first specie of fish in the world?

Had been it the actual Salmon, the actual Tuna, had been it your shark, was it truly is or had been it your wale…What was the first specie connected with fish in the worldThank an individual!


Haikouichthys appeared to be apparently the first fish.It has been around since during this Cambrian explosion inside the early Cambrian Period it truly is still definitely not clear precisely what fish had been first then again.

One of several other probable candidates were being Ostracoderms, the first vertebrate.We were holding jawless fish and journeyed extinct close to the end with the Devonian Period.

Sharks are regarded as have come into existence over the Silurian Period but data dates them returning to the late Ordovician Time.

Oh well, that changes it a lttle bit.


The Hagfish goes 550 trillion years towards earlier Cambrian but is not really exactly considered a species of fish.

The Coelacanth has become the oldest, or even the most seasoned fish living today.

well very first the whale may be a mammal, and definitely the greatest living which they alive today will be the colecath, the actual hag sea food, and the actual mega mouth shark, as for freshwater might be gar loved ones, and the actual minnow family

First of all, a whale is not a fish its your mammal.

In line with what I believe in, there definitely is oh dear to explain to because Lord created every one of the fish together, and some of them would are extinct long ago.

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