What is wrong with my dog? Please see picture?

So Concerning a 8 month previous Boston Terrier/Beagle Mix.

I will be not guaranteed why, though the area listed below his penile has all these red dots.

Information picture:http://i1128.photobucket.com/albums/m491/ilovephotos15/photo.jpg

What may these red-colored dots be I will be not convinced what component of his body that possibly is…it’s not his anus along with below his / her penis..Would it be normal regarding dogs to obtain red dots like that

She has a timetabled visit towards Vet in 23 days.Should POST monitor and wait to check out if it gets more intense and bring it approximately the Vet next time i go throughout Or really does this seem like something that will needs quick attention

Likewise, why will my pet have brown lightly spots about his pores and skin, like the type you see inside the picture Is the fact that normal with regard to Boston Terriers/Beagles He has those spots within the skin close to his hearing…

Almost any help is usually appreciated.


The crimson dots often me that they are insect gnaws of several sort.May just be fleas, as well as something other than them biting your ex boyfriend.If he is not also been treated using a good excellent monthly spot-on lately (like frontline, gain, advantix, emerging trend, etc), I’d do thus now.

The actual brown destinations are only variations around his body pigment.There’re normal for most dogs, but not something that they are concerned related to.

They are certainly not ticks! Clicks are brown lightly, black or maybe gray.They appear to be flea gnaws or some sort of allergy.Put several hydrocortisone ointment on them just in case they don’t recover, call your own vet.Along with yes, the actual spots usually are normal.

Infected flea gnaws.He can be developing a strong allergy.Give him or her a bath inside a soothing Ti Woods shampoo, along with treat him or her with Frontline, available with the vet.

It’s possibly an hypersensitivity or any rash.My pet has the identical thing and he becomes them when he has fleas.Take your pet dog to that vet.

Its probably merely a rash.Look at the vets to receive cream/make guaranteed its practically nothing serious.

go to help vet d check it than all right

omg these are ticks you should take your dog to crisis vet straightaway or he may just be paralyzed or even die.

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