What is the most expensive thing your dog has ever eaten?

To do, im thinking it had been my brand-new $50 bra:P Which they have chewed one or two things ahead of as young puppies, but that’s one that sticks away in my personal mind.

when Emmy was 6 months old your lady chewed my own mentor’s shoes up in the hotel area.They have been cheap boots and shoes but they were her preferred pair, in order that it cost a good deal emotionally, LOL.

What about you mobile phones cords attire shoes

Probably the particular door shape.Or the girl $30 bed, or maybe the product cord in the wall that can not be replaced:)

Well the best expensive thing my doggie has swallowed or ruined is a $600-$700 guru purse he or she ate and another one same price tag that your dog drooled in and messed up.And my freinds doggy accidently ingested her diamond ring that will she acquired ingaged together with (not certain price nonetheless a lot) He or she pooped the idea out it had been all beneficial.Also in case you have seen the particular movie marley and also me marley dined on a 24kt yellow metal heart molded necklace.My dog also dined on 3 pairs of my personal sisters fav high heels and also 2 of her $75 bras out of victoria solution when your woman took the pup to the woman’s house while i had been on vaccation.Dogs tend to be good but is usually bad.Wish I made it simpler for!!!!! (:
Ps.The brothers dog ate by means of his divider, eats cement, rocks, and power wires.

When my personal Chihuahua appeared to be a doggy she chewed my cellphone pretty negative, chewed the cable string straight throughout half as well as I failed to know until finally my television went all static lol, chewed the charger to be able to my lap top, and a couple of shoes, as well as a few pens.She is currently 3 years of age and will be the most operated dog ever before and chews about nothing of mine:)

When I had been younger WHEN I saved my money intended for 5 years to save lots of up with this AMAZING huge piano.It was white with the most beautiful detailing with it.
1 day my mum and dad and WHEN I came residence from apple company picking plus my $2, 500 grand piano was tilted within the floor.My husky consumed 1 completely leg on the piano.Subsequently I under no circumstances let my personal husky roam free round the house when i wasn’t household.

Before I got him my own dog used to eat cats.Word possesses it this he offed a new lady’s purebred Siamese as soon as.
He’s never chewed anything in your house.

everything! footwear, chords, cellular phone, ipod

2 sets of herpes simplex virus eyeglasses.

My Golden Retriever cut my beloved dress this cost my family like $250

White silk dress boots and shoes from nordstroms $120

$100 worthy of of godiva sweets from underneath the seasonal tree

Uggs! $170!

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