What is the maximum age for my female betta to be if I want to breed her?

Depending on the variety, less than yearly.Here’s a web site that informs you how to breed these:
online world.bettatalk.com

Please Search engines and review Betta breeding.Then you won’t need to ask highest and bare minimum age or earlier today How you can Breed.
There exists alot that will Betta breeding.Alot more than anyone might cover within here.Even when you get these to breed you have to be prepared before hand with food for that fry.Finding, purchasing, culturing, subculturing.

Your Bettas will take advantage of your researching, reading up, knowing your signs to take into consideration and currently being prepared.

Just to let’s you know bettas usually are hard to help breed and i failed Three times.Its all a knowing proccess.The most seasoned age might need to be under a year for very best results.Should your breeding furry friend store bettas, there generally about 1 year old.Receive the smaller people, along having a smaller masculine to, fine luck

Good good fortune with that, Clair.Maybe it is best to first find out if any person will acquire them.Most sites that advertise fish buy each of their species of fish from a single supplier.MY PARTNER AND I once possessed a masculine and feminine betta and she murdered him.When you insist upon performing it just obtain a male in addition to female then when they’re each old enough being bred they will breed.Nevertheless, they canine only beneath certain illnesses.Buy your book to the subject or maybe research the item online.


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