What is the best breed in chickens to get?

For instance a ok egg layer, everything else is not important.But can include which stuff.Thanks

Crossbreeds are as good to maintain as purebreeds in addition to usually really don’t cost a great deal to buy.A purebreed chicken are very expensive.If you simply want several hens to help lay some eggs chances are they’ll do not have to be purebreeds.

Basically beneficial laying breeds could be any with the “Sussex” breeds including Light, Buff, Red Sussex.Rhode Region Reds, Barred Bolders, Isa Browns, Welsommers, Barnevelders.This list is usually endless, most hen chickens lay through eggs with regard to over 190 days on a yearly basis given the best diet and also suitable circumstances.

Prevent Silkies some people go broody (want that will hatch ova out) in addition to stop cuddled eggs while there’re broody.I’ve 16 hens, only 6 of the are real breeds others in the industry are “mixtures” We have bred me.

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