What is growing on my plants and how do I get rid of it?

and here is a image:


as possible see you can find some greyish dust-like material growing at my factories.is that algae how do you get gone it

thanks earlier:)

Yes.It really is algae.

The simplest way is to destroy algae can be exposing that tank that will less lighting, adding a lot more plants, in addition to supplying the actual plants along with CO2.

Never invest in an animal to clean algae.The waste material they produce could make even a lot more algae, almost all are far too big regarding normal tanks, and they also only consume certain sorts of algae.

snails may clean that up, but they actually leave plenty of poop.what that can be done is go without food the algae by means of putting a lot more plants in, or you can reduce as much light simply by turning off the light previously.I’ve as well read you can turn the actual light away from for COUPLE OF hours in the center of the day which might stunt that algae.

yes it truly is algae which is safe to take it off with your hands we clean my personal schools tank for your fish at all times but i get these people before that they get excessive build ” up ” in generally there.

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