What is a good algae eater for a 10g betta tank?

i need one

One snail or a group of three to several ghost shrimp is usually all you may fit in with your betta fish.Ghost shrimp accomplish pretty well as being a cleanup team.

But if your tank is definitely dirty as well as needs maintaining, do it yourself! Don’t obtain another fish to scrub up your messes for you.Be guaranteed to be extracting and replacing 25-50% of one’s tank water every week or and so and obtain a glass clean (I advise the of our kinds) to clean the goblet every 7 days.

Why do you really need an algae eater Simply just stop getting lazy in addition to clean the item off oneself.Expose your current tank to less easy.

Amano Shrimp plus Crystal Shrimp tend to be good shrimp for your betta aquarium.

Snails are generally fine as well.

Doctor.Kalyfran, For a second time, you are usually giving awful advice.The Chinese language Algae Eater grow with a foot extended, doesn’t take in algae, and also gets hostile when mature.

20 ins of fish Do you know that this 1 inch per gallon rule hardly ever works, knowning that you’re undergoing it wrong Really, get off all Y! A NEW.

I honestly don’t even think the good news is algae eater for any 10 gallon apart from some forms of shrimp not to mention snails.
I think you would like a seafood but i’ll develop one:Borneo sucker.
These are so cool

Otocinclus sea food are small and so they eat algae quick.They are usually small sucker-mouth perch.
If you have one make sure you slowly acclimate the item (drip acclimation)

nerite snails

A small Chinese algae eater shall be fine if it doesn’t try in order to “clean this fish.” Why are there only JUST ONE Betta within a 10 gallon tank.Boring.You’ll need some motion fish to hold the Betta awake! All these people on Google kill us telling others that they cannot get but A few fish in a 10 gallon fish tank.I are already doing aquariums appropriately for more than 50 many years now, plus they are WRONG.You will get 20 inches width of perch, not checking the butt, in a 10 gallon.Will not count this Betta sometimes, as they do not use oxygen on the water.

Why will not try having SUCKER MOUTH CAT FISH!
-merlin marina AQUARIUM

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