What else can my oranda eat?

I have an oranda this recently seems to have developed Go swimming Bladder Condition recently.POST gave your pet peas and also he would seem better undoubtedly.I believe the SBD was effect of overfeeding or maybe giving your ex boyfriend flakes on a regular basis or a program.What I want to know is, what else can/will he eat Can one give your pet dried shrimp, like turtles eat

Anything “dried” or even freeze-dried could cause problems as it will increase in the stomach if the food actually gets to his digstive juices.Because another poster noted, soaking thier food can support.The dehydrated foods also tend to have a lot of filler compared to fish are unable to digest & that can also induce bloating issues in senstivie seafood.Frozen foods like brine shrimp, tubifex worms, mosquito larvae & glassworms can be purchased Petco/PetSmart, with regard to $4-5/slab or bubble group.Vegetables just like red lettuce (green could cause digstive issues) & fresh fruit like sliced apple or maybe raspberries are generally good pertaining to him.In addition to deshelled thawed, warmed pea innards are always usefulin case he will get blocked ” up “.

Yes, You can give the gold bass any food items.But considering your rare metal fish already have swimblader challenge, try to be able to soak every food previous to feeding.
Also you can give tiny pieces involving boiled veggies, and unique shrimps, bloodstream worms, excellent worms, beef lever and so on.

Yep, and they also like other types of veggies, my own like broccoli specifically, they go nuts to the!:).

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