What dog should i get i do not want a small breed please read info?

I would like adog which is active certainly not small but not a enormous dog and my organization is at work 4hrs daytime so i would like a good guard dog and have absolutely a big bacyard just about any sug

German Shepherd wonderful dogs they are required loads of work mind but will be good safeguard dogs

Maybe a great English Springer, some sort of retired sporting Greyhound, some sort of Lab…
Any canine that barks from strangers would have been a guard pet – you never want anything that’s actually gonna hurt as well as threaten any individual, or the actual damage of any lawsuit will far exceed anything else they might steal form you.

how active
whats significant GSD as well as Dane or maybe rottie all might be seen when massive
sick go mediumish regarding now-
husky -might be a tad big post guess
cocker spaniel


Personally We would go using a pitbull.They may be great pets and fine guard pets.BUT POSSIBLY NOT FOR STRUGGLING WITH!! I have a pitbull me and she’s amazing (:Decaying but wonderful lol

A laborador retriever

A beagle!

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