What does ADF poo look like and the egg look like?

do they have like some sort of designated region to poo i believe the eggs end up clear but relating to these bit of round projectiles (black) with my gas tank just in a area that will weren’t there until right now.they arent soft i identified it in place tryin to see what it turned out.so i have them in the different reservoir tryin pinpoint what there’re.they wer just within a a small are regarding my container all bunched together without floating we were holding with the particular gravel.

ima newb worrying cause my ex became male and female frogs..

http://i390.photobucket.com/albums/oo349/hoolagal/frogeggs.jpg — fertilized eggs…half white-colored, half brownish…unfertilized they’re solid white…they are sticky…i don’t even think those appear to be eggs…

they’re definitely not eggs.This eggs usually are not black.You could also have to be trying to obtain them for you to breed.They’re not the easiest thing on the planet to certain breed.You’d have to be conditioning all of them and supplying them the proper conditions to receive them that will breed.

No they can’t need any designated place to poo.It had been eggs.That’s how they’re.Don’t contact them.

Maybe this would help


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