What do you think?!????

Very well after 7 a lot of keeping sea food and 5 numerous working the fish/ unique pet store.And having about 13 different tanks, together with my older display A COUPLE gallon offshore tank cracked.I have chose to downgrade in order to 2 aquarium, a 310 gallon household freshwater exotic pond, and also a 75 gallon FOWLR+ offshore tank.

With the saltwater tank concerning currently your fox skin, a brown lightly banded bed sheets shark, a couple clowns, a couple false moorish idols, some snails, a new zebra urchin, a new green deiscovered puffer, 3 OR MORE cleaner shrimp, an anemone, some corals, and some hermit crabs.when i wanna shift a hippo tang, a new yellow tang, and also a dwarf lion bass from COUPLE OF 30 gallon tanks for the big container.What would you think

some of them fish will not get along I had a puffer and a few other deep sea fish as well as puffer killed them.make certain they can all stay together.Just search on the internet and check out a chart to see what seafood can survive together

ok just being confident that u don; t wish to loose a few fish!

That seems like way too much.A sibel face may be a push untreated, the shark is rarely going to figureout, the clowns usually are perfect, the phony moorish idols probably alone or considering the clowns in addition to inverts, a puffer is detrimental to the different inverts, the particular shrimp sound alright, the anemone is definitely hard to maintain just that will warn everyone, as would be the corals, and this hermit crabs are recommended.A hippo tang needs to have at minimum a ONE HUNDRED gallon, and the yellow tang could well be alright having just that clowns plus inverts and also maybe a further fish.The dwarf lionfish is rather difficult to talk about because the particular inverts don’t go well with it and yes it may take in or assault other bass.Sorry that will rain against your parade, but I suggest doing some combined clowns along with something else+inverts, because every one of these wouldn’t actually get along and would likely barely in good shape together inside a 250 gallon fish tank, much less a 75.

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