What do you think this lab is mixed with?


If that does not work just allow me to know.
We are trying to figure out what they are mixed using…

He is usually cute!! I need to agree around the Great Dane.Post this particular again in 6 months with a brand new pic & excess weight, or electronic mail me the particular info in 6 months…because now I’m questioning too!! The photos allow it to become a tiny difficult to tell and this specific age…..nevertheless he’s the keeper!

Hmm Her ears are big.As well as way this looks he is likely to be mixed along with Great Dane that is cool.I don’t believe it is Rottweiler simply because don’t possess white at them.Along with neither really does labs.So I can stick together with my great dane.

Not the best picture, nevertheless venturing the random estimate
boxer as well as dane.
What about a rottweiler, but I’m sure thats stretching it.

Border collie possibly:) Desire I assisted!!!

Hmm…I’d think a further mixed breed dog.

Who understands.It’s not only a great picture to tell from.

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