What do you think my dog is?

I got my dog (Amber) with the pound (shelter) about 3 yrs ago plus was asking yourself what combination breed can you think nancy.Shes really active and would complete anything that you throw the girl ball.Shes a wee gemstone.




I’ve my personal suspicions which shes whether
-collie/lab cross
-collie/husky cross
-husky/lab cross

No particular basis for this I got just thinking.


I believe Collie/Labrador Retriever is really a pretty good guess.I could also observe some Siberian Husky.I think you are usually right about with those three breeds.

I discover mostly lab/collie selection but post see some husky inside there
-My new kitty-
http://tinypic.com/view.phppic=53o26b&s=7 maine coon regarding 6 months
-ADD YOU:Cute dog by way-Thanks homing a mutt with the shelter not necessarily buying from BYB breeder-You preserved a life

PUT 2:Pretty active, collies became active-lots of them are hyper active-Also have you though in relation to doing agiltyIf not your pet will probaly ENJOY agilty.Require your nearby dog teacher about agitly.

http://www.canismajor.com/dog/agility.html (tells everyone about agilty)

http://www.dogplay.com/Activities/Agility/agilitye.html (What items are used)

http://www.agilityability.com/ (all you might want to know regarding agitly)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dog_sports (all canine sports)

PUT 3; Does she have a high quarry driveif hence she mostly likely provides collie in here largely collie will be hyper active

I assume she is likely to be a labrador retriever collie mix
she can even have a few other breeds mixed in.

The woman’s face is similar to a collies, as its prolonged relatively slim nose.
The tail by looks connected with it appears thick as a labradors.
She’s a rather dog even though.

If a person’s avatar picture is really a photo of the dog i’d say an individual pet seemed to be a combination bred compact breed involving dog from the terrier group.

My guess would be a mix associated with several breeds.
Border Collie & Jack Russell (or Sibel Terrier) mix could be my suppose.Maybe a little bit of Labrador around there somewhere in addition.
Splendid looking doggie.:-)

I really think she appears like a collie & science lab mix…

Collie Testing center cross definetley!:)

doesn’t open
facing your vet and also groomer think

i assume collie/lab
but do you know for guaranteed that she’s only a variety of 2 because she could have more around her

Hey, i haven’t any help however my mummy use to become a veternaian, consult your vet.no cost

Depending at size yes i notice collie or how to attract shelties because they are popular and have a number of the same features, and along with mix involving breed you become traits out of both hence never realize.

I will not see everything that also me indicates she possess blood via fci class 5 that are spetz variety dogs for instance husky and ancient breeds.

The lady got the slim system, a sleek head, dont possess the fur style of a husky, nor the bushy butt etc, you’ll find nothing about the following that as soon as just shopping about her can have me planning on a spetz imidiatly, naturally you realize her better and will see her in various other stances in addition to observe your ex activety, consequently not saying its imposible, just not necessarily what we would have suspected on 1st look.

Since jane is short haired, unless ?t had been a limited haired collie, which accomplish exsist but just isn’t the most typical type, next by deduction with likelyhood, i might guess a minumum of one of other breeds have been more limited haired as being a lab while in the fur.Though again lab just isn’t what we’d have suspected first according to shape in addition to all, there are numerous breeds who are just a lttle bit heavier to help bring the particular collie shape simply a bit outside of shape, that overall tend to be consistant with he body type look your woman have and also scull, then again with a real mix you never knowledge mixed way up the genes tend to be, they may fall mostly too one particular side thus anything can be posible, just using likelyhood.If she use a knack regarding retrieving then for those type connected with dogs i’d either select another fowl retrieving pet then a new retriever, or say a few of the lighter forms of retriever were rather more likely, ie we would think it rather more likely there appeared to be a wonderful then a new lab around her, etc you might compare these folks, though those is also the two most typical ones from the retrievers.

loving suporting the not lab is the color, labs will be black as well as brown, which in turn she is not, yes there are labs who look yellow, but this isn’t a coloration variation, it has the a recessive gene intended for not displaying their colour, which suggests a puppy needs two ones, ie not really very usual, and which includes a crossbreed geting genes via another parent even more unlikely to help having led to the woman’s coloration.

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