What do I feed a leopard Gecko??? Please Help !!?

Make want some sort of leopard gecko, and can be getting 1 in a little while, but i dont determine what to feast it.Somebody who has two geckos in school, told me that you have to feed all of them live crickets.I do not think I could do that, firstly because we are very squeemish, secondly I wouldn’t manage to buy a little something, just for this to become killed inside the next approaching days.Also easily get geckos, would that be better easily buy 2 so they really don’t obtain lonely
I highly recommend you also number any alternate healthy secure foods, we can can give the geckos, hopefully nothing that is alive.
Thanks for all you answers, almost all apreciated.:)

All lizards are stimulated by way of movement which in turn encourages all of them to eat.If the actual prey just isn’t moving, it’s going to probably not pursue it.Do not feed these folks freeze-dried as well as canned pesky insects, because most of these have hardly any nutrition at all.

Leopard geckos will be solitary creatures from the wild, in order that they would opt for living solely, but you may house a couple of females together if you’d like:) Man and male is a big zero no, they’ll fight.I would recommend against long term female plus male housing, because your will constantly try and mate when using the female, leading to stress.

Here’s a list of many with the good food selections for your leopard gecko:)

Superworms (in small amounts, if you were to look at the dietary stats of and waxworms, they’re just basically the same! Surprised me while i found out some time back)
Waxworms (again, inside moderation.These plus superworms Will be great staples for the reason that are rather healthy with the exception of the excess fat content)
Phoenix/Calci/Repti worms (AKA dark soldier fly larvae.expensive but will be well worth every penny if you were to purchase them might only get them online.They are extremely high in calcium, and all about one of the better feeders available, for every animal)
Dubia & other roaches (Dubias usually are nutritional and possess a excellent meat to be able to shell ratio)
Silkworms (also high in calcium)
Hornworms (good diet and large moisture, in case you’re concerned your leopard gecko is just not drinking enough)

You can find more however I overlook them.They are the most popular ones although, and We’d highly highly recommend dubias plus phoenix worms.Dubias will be relatively cheap should you start your individual breeding colony, way too.Doesn’t charge much to obtain it commence:) Excavation cost me about $50 full and WE currently have thousands of roaches.Most effective thing is, they will be tropical, so as long as they escape the actual containers, they don’t last extended and infest your property.

Anticipation I served:)

Ok.Effectively.You must not even take into consideration buying a leopard gecko after that.They take in live issues, nothing deceased or possibly not moving.And leopard geckos do not get lonely for the reason that are pretty independent wildlife.ALL reptiles have live things so don’t get one if you don’t want to be able to feed that live things.

If somebody willing to order a family pet proper meal, you will not deserve one.
Crickets aren’t really the only thing you may feed leopard geckos, although, and I suggest doing research previous to even just before considering any new family pet.

Most geckos do not even take i

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