What do I do If there is a power outage and my heater won’t have any electricity?

I Only want to make sure

Simple, If the item gets too hot anyone put Ice inside a PLASTIC handbag and allow it to float in the tank

If it is cold out and about and you then have a power outage anyone float warm water in a very plasic handbag around around yur tank

You truly do ask a lot of questions, don’t you

my setting up shut strength for TOUGH LUCK hours plus my 31 gallon always been within 1 level of the usual temp…and i did not encapsulate the tank, just a normal canopy…the actual temp do drop more in our smaller tanks however everyone lived (4 bettas, through 200 shrimp, dwarf marine frogs, dwarf puffers, otos) most survived the electricity outage and my house is warm with electric power so there was clearly no temperature either down the middle of winter…concerning heard associated with wrapping your tanks with blankets or even styrofoam yet considering every person lived and i did nothing, i will be opting to get nothing:O)

I imagine that this is dependent alot upon how big your container is, how much time the strength is likely to be released, and what sort of fish you could have.

You could possibly always have a battery backup in your aquarium I realize alot of people that have done that plus it saves these individuals some complications.

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