What do ask about my friends dog?

i am going going for walks with my pal and the woman’s dog and i want some requests to question him, i already know a lot and now i am kinda uneasy i won’t understand what to consider to do with dogs….ehlp!! sorry if this sounds strange!

It’s certainly not weird:3
Actually, I’d state be yourself.Dog owners tend to be passionate in relation to their pets, so if you get the girl onto the topic; for occasion, ask the woman what he’s want to walk, the way he reacts, whether he’s naughty- and she’ll probably carry out the other talking himself.
But just remember, be by yourself.Don’t power it; the conversation will come around nicely untreated.

what sort of dog is he where by did friend tumble who will be the vet just how old can it be what may it eat LIkes felines Likes little ones.

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