What cichlids can live with tiger barbs?

I need to agree together with Gary.

You don’t have straight reply to that.It is dependent upon what measurement of fish tank and what sort of Cichlid, of course how many Tiger Barbs (which must be in shoals of as a minimum 8 in no less than a 35 gallon).

Everybody wouldn’t house hold any Cichlids when using the Tiger Barbs.Substantial Cichlids might eat the particular Barbs, slow-moving swimming Cichlids would certainly get b nipped, smaller shyer Cichlids could well be intimidated straight into permanent disappearing.

It’s not really the level of cichlid, it is the size with the tank.Inside a sufficientlly substantial tank, a classes of tiger barbs (6 or over tiger barbs) could co-exist with cichilds.The cichlids would should just be huge enough to be able to defend themselves resistant to the barbs, nevertheless too tiny to take the barbs (i.age.too small to acquire the barbs inside their mouths).

This is simply not likely to be effective in a new tank lesser than 55 gallons, but inside a tank regarding, say, through 100 gallons, it will go relatively harmoniously.

I agree with Gary,
Also increase more concealing places for that barbs.

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