What can i use to clean my saddle?

we’ve a dressage wintec saddle i need to unclutter but my organization is not sure things to use to completely clean it…with it not getting leather i obviously canmt work with oil…please okay know what i use to completely clean my wintec saddle

For my synthetics MY PARTNER AND I mix many dish cleanup liquid in most warm normal water, and use a cloth in order to wipe that saddle over.
Works wonderfully!

We’ve even ingested a hose to my synthetics for some pressure maintaining.They are extremely durable saddles!

Washing ” up ” liquid is fine – a tad in any bucket with warm drinking water! And for the leather parts, glycerine saddle soap! They state that they can be put to the washing equipment, but MY SPOUSE AND I cannot make sure myself!

OK, just key in your cell phone browser “Wintec seat cleaning products” and There’s no doubt that several contacts will pop-up.

A small bit of washing up liquid in most warm water will do…dont soad your saddle, shake the sponge effectively out consequently its only damp

Saddle soap

Lemon Pledge

saddle detergent.

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