What can i do with my 29g?

This currently features a tropical community create and i’d like something several got every ideas

Are you prepared feed Are living crickets and or wingless fruitflies
mid-section an african butterfly fish you could potentially keep this with nearly all medium size fish.
possibly try,
3 tiger barbs, 3 green tiger barbs, along with 3 albino tiger barbs
JUST ONE african butterfly
your queen arabesque pleco = FYI, there’re carnivores


What would you mean Are you interested to get all new tropical fish, or are you interested to switch to a thing different including cold water fish And also, did you should do something fresh and commence a saltwater setup

I could not recommend a new saltwater setup in their normal small reservoir.Beginner ocean fishkeepers should as well as at lowest a 40-50g aquarium tank.That method, it’s much easier to maintain a deep sea aquarium because it’s actually a bigger space!

When you wanted to try keeping chilly water perch, I’d highly recommend white impair mountain minnows or even kuhli loaches.MY PARTNER AND I don’t recommend keeping goldfish, because a couple fancy goldfish need a 40g tank no less than.

Your usually are sucessful to produce a community tank in 29 gal fish tank.Very excellent.
why to be able to disturb the create.Try to incorporate some added small and also colorful fishes, decorations along with plants.

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