What can i breed in a 10 gallon tank?

What can i breed in a 10 gallon container Ive experimented with mollys guppys and also bettas.I would really like to test somthing that lays eggs can any person give me ideas on the good bass to type.

dwarf cichilds, these people stay little and arnt necessarily mean fish.try out:kribensis, cacatoids, cory felines, blue german born rams.those are usually some great fun bass to breed.good luuck guy,

Like I asked you before inside your previous question (please never spam — ask some sort of question then wait for your answers), betta’s are very difficult for you to breed as well as livebearers can’t be bred comfortably usual small aquarium, especially mollies exactly who require tanks well over 30g.

In a very 10g fish tank, you can try mating either ghost shrimp or endler livebearers.Given the appropriate care, they’ll breed on their own.You said you intend to try a thing that lays eggs, however a person’s tank isn’t really large sufficient for whatever else.Make sure you place up a different tank surrounding the same size to boost the fry.

Small tetras will be colorful:) but you must keep a minimum of 6 analysts so they feel comfortable.However, many breeds are fin-nippers, so prevent putting them in a very tank using guppies or other varieties with substantial tail fins.

Zebra danios will be interesting.:) Their particular stripes use a glow for you to them.

Merely suggestions.I like betta species of fish though, they may be so really.:)

Try gouramis.I’ve certainly not had virtually any experience using them yet nevertheless I heard they’re just good ovum layers provide.

Oh, and EIGHT gallons is definitely fine, ignore the other info it is really misguiding.

Hmm their own are:

Zebra Dainos

Hope I helped



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