What breed of hamster should I get?? PLEASE HELP!?


It is my brand new getting your hamster plus I’m leaning toward some sort of Syrian, a new Panda Keep, a Teddy Bear, or a Baby Bear.

Which breed ‘s best for any “beginner” I need a hamster it doesn’t bite, (I know all of them bite to start with..) is simple to tame, (and Tips on how to tame them) as well as being friendly!

Thanks beforehand:D


The primary hamster my partner and i ever received was your beige plus white syrian, these are cute, easy to appear after and friendly along with playful, mine has exclusively ever little bit me when, and thats cuz the idea thought i got food XD lol so syrian hamsters are the best ways to get.Syrians would be the best!
Also easy to train.

Panda Tolerate hamsters, Teddy bear hamsters, and also Honey tolerate hamsters are usually all Syrian Hamsters.Identical breed.Diverse “varieties”, you could call this, I speculate.Syrians would be the more laid-back, pleasant, easy-to-tame breed of Hamster.They don’t bite just as much and are definitely cool, relax, and amassed.(Lol.)

I would recommend Syrian Hamsters for the beginner.These are the friendlier form of hamster.

People tame a new hamster by feeding these individuals treats, petting them a whole lot, and bond in your hammy.Hope this particular helped into the least touch:)

Panda Tolerate or Teddy bear and also Honey bear, ITS NEVERTHELESS A SYRIAN HAMSTER.There is absolutely no difference inside their personality in all three “types” involving syrian hamsters.So i’d personally suggest, a new syrian hamsters.Tips on how to tame them would have been a different just one.

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