What breed of dog is this?

Is it even your breed or will it be a crossbreed

Your dog on the actual left during 0.17 in the video:


It appears a jack russell combination (I declare that because of the way the particular ears will be flopped, shape of muzzle, etc).Its paws usually are quite tiny so WHEN I don’t think it is a big breed selection.Large type puppies tend to have great paws, that they grow towards.

Almost appeared as if a ‘juggle’ (jack russell mixed having a pug), but puggles have broader faces approach puppy while in the video.

Expect this allows.:)

It appears to be a pitcher puppy, which is a mutt (crossbreed) of any pug as well as a jack russell terrier *now known as the parson terrier*

http://blogs.delawareonline.com/pets/2007/12/21/i-met-my-first-jug/ << of which link is known for a pic of any jug pup

ps- each and every dog is often a “breed” in my opinion you ment purebred

Too negative the pics are consequently fuzzy.At any rate, I’m no expert although I’ll project to guess it is just a GSD You should not quote us on that will though.

To me personally, this appears to be a wonderful retriever doggy.

Just any cute very little Heinz57.

It appears to be a bit of mutt to me.

looks like a lab

all usa heinz 5
maybe lab/shepherd mix in the least.

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