What breed of animal to get you if a male horse and a female mule (that is fertile) mate?

I understand donkey + moose = mule.In addition to male mules tend to be sterile.But I used to be reading of which some womans mules may be fertile.So what on earth breed connected with animal would likely come from your male moose mating which has a fertile female mule Thanks.

This was in 2002

And here’s a quality answers which i found



But POST can’t discover a name.

p.azines.A hinny is often a male horse’s and also a female horse’s offspring

I don’t believe you will find there’s term because of this as your fertile mule features only happened a small number of times within recorded historical past, and when, her fertility has been a fluke.Any dog with a uneven availablility of chromosomes can’t properly produce the tissues necessary regarding reproduction.A horse has 64 chromosomes and a donkey provides 62.Mules get an uneven 63.Sometimes whether a mule results with one particular less or difficulties chromosome via some slip-up of processing, she can create a viable egg cell.No mule stallions get ever happen to be fertile that him and i know regarding.This is often a rare genetic screw up similar to help downs situation or turners malady in humans where somebody eventually ends up with a different number regarding chromosomes, so WHEN I doubt any one has construct any phrases to label these foals as they are thus, so unusual.

I dont think it’s any particular name.I believe it would you need to be a horse/mule blend.And it might not be fertile.

I dont think the infant would reside either.It could probably end up being underdeveloped or still given birth to.

“Some” signifies near ABSOLUTELY NO! Gender can be immaterial.

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