What breed do you think my dog is? (pic included)?

Thanks a lot!

Definitly provides some sheperd within her! probably some lab/pit also.she seems as if a cutie!

He offers the face on the Rottweiler along with the coloring along with tail of an black Labrador.

I could say retreiver/GSD/ in addition to rottweiller…or something that has a wide head/shorter muzzle.

Looks as being a cross among a Retriever including a German Shepherd.

SO LOVABLE! i consider a sheperd! def a few sheperd in her/him!

omg we dont not any but hes cute!!

It’s lovable:) POST see loads of Chow Chow while in the face.I might think any Chow Chow/ Retriever mix.:)

Def a few German shepherd.

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