What are the requirements for dwarf gourami breeding?

Im specialist breeding dwarf gouramis from a 10 gallon tank we would just plan to know what needed and the quantity of fry they’ve got.And can easily the fry feed on brine shrimp

Unfortunately, a 10g tank is just large ample to household one dwarf gourami in a relaxed manner.You’d need as a minimum a 20g if you need to breed dwarf gourami’s.Once that’s all set up and the tank is cycled, you ought to lower the water level a maximum of 6-8″ and improve the water heat range to 82-86F so that you can remind them on the dry season in their natural environment.

Utilised together be fed lots of live food along with the main tank should be planted, since males gourami’s like to include grow material around their bubble nests.Here are a few articles so that you can study and study dwarf gourami proliferation.




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