What are the most most unique behaviors of your fish?

We’d not declare my sea food have behaviours that happen to be unique but in my experience they complete things which can be special our oscar uses me circle and circular his reservoir in groups until post feed him or her shrimps as well as he won’t quit performing it until i have fed him or her he once spent one hour going round in circles getting my own attention.

My angel fish like to float during the gas tank next together there will be 6 grownup angels but it looks like these are all in the line their quite funny to watch after.

My clown loach choose to play dead and get scared many of my good friends i as soon as asked them to give food to the clown loach i aroused the light and this individual screamed dropped the bass food along with said your own fish tend to be dead,
They just started off swimming all around and your lover fainted.
To ensure the playing dead may be the most unique thing they do,

If I put my relinquish the betta tank, Bluefin lays on that.No astonish:put your finger from the tank, O-U-C-H.Never assume bettas really don’t hurt ’cause hi-def have your teeth.And he or she turns all around when he eats easily watch him.It’s W-E-I-R-D.xD.

i employ a betta in which attacks this finger when feeding him or her or doing water alterations.

He bends sideways for a snake planning to pounce after which you can jumps in addition to bites it.

I after had your betta termed herbie.I had a hollow shell in the bowl ( being a hermit crab shell) along with he’d curl up inside and hide.He’s relax in their for as much as 3 mins.:)

Clown Loaches actively playing, and enjoying dead.

Mollies frequently picking at my arms when cleansing the reservoir.

Shrimp / Snails climbing to the top of plants after which it jumping along.

i had two fantails in which liked to help float tummy up along with swim abdomen up.they were unable dead some people just liked to accomplish it.

My bullhead crushes himself inbetween the actual filter’s arm as well as the glass belonging to the aquarium.=D

they jump while i open song in noisy sound.

swimming inside circles your slunt of about 30 degrees.

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