What are some gentel dog breeds?

plaything poodle
common poodle
basset hound
boston terrier
japan chin
minature poodle
scottish terrier
dandie dinmont terrier
norwich terrier
norfolk terrier
edge terrier
airedale terrier
continue hound
chesapeake bay retriever
colonial water dog
irish drinking water spaniel
fantastic swiss batch dog- apply to draw carts in addition to good together with kids
dobermann pinscher
fantastic dane
fila brasileiro
aged english sheep dog
edge collie
hard collie
the german language shepherd
lanchashire heeler
aussie cattle dog
bouvier des flandres

I would find a good ol mutt dog on the pound that features a wonderful mellow temperament.some dogs finish up at the particular shelter because they had idiot owners and after this they shortage manners as well as training.but a few are superb dogs in addition to just there due to their owner moving and also some negative situation.My pal got a fantastic full blooded Sheltie via our housing because the woman owner passed on.She is definitely 100% potty trained, by no means barks, digs, chews, nothing at all.She is surely an angel!!!!!! everyone!

well the particular golden retriever maltese lab newfoundland beagles birkenstock boston terriers saint bernards cavalier king charles spaniel cocker spaniel clumber spaniels

Out pores and skin dogs I’ve had I think the Little Dachshunds (Wiener Dogs) is the best!

Cok-er spaniel
Wiener dog

Those are the only two genital breeds…also, sorry, an individual wanted “gentle”.


Thumbs down, seriously All these other the answers are shih tzu!!!

Golden retrievers are amazing.Sweet and very clever.

Basset Hounds.

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