What are japanese chins like?

apologies for a lot of dog queries today all anyway what exactly are japanese chins like is he little shaky dogs that will smell poor…or no

The kinds I’ve met (they certainly are a neighbors pet of choice) tend to be well socialized as well as properly trained.They are by no means “shaky” pet dogs, nor do they have separation panic as at poster mentioned most accomplish.(This is based on 3 various dogs not just one)

As to get smelling in case you are asking when they are on the list of breeds which may have a particular odor despite how nicely groomed they’re just no they aren’t.

i dog sit a pair of japanese chin and maybe they are great tiny dogs…they by no means smell bad and i am not quite sure what you imply by unstable…if a person mean shaky, scared, the approaches i sit usually are not like that by any means…the kinds i be seated are standard little dogs…they don’t need tons involving exercise, they usually are off teather without fret, they have become snuggly, and they get down fine in the dog beach front with dogs of a variety of sizes…

Japanese Chins became fragile, suffer seperation stress, need intensive socialization, need loads of grooming, and are also prone to many serious ailments.Yes, they usually are shaky tiny dogs.

here is often a link to a online canine guide on japanese chins you can even look in other breeds keeping this breed information hope this specific helps


they’re somewhat pointy in addition to small.The other of a Jay Leno chin.

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