What actual dog breed would be like a combo of a pits, husky, and pom?

I’m in like with huskys, pitbulls, and pomeranians as well as i aren’t able to decide which i like most…is there just about any breed who has the characteristics of three because one dog 0_0

those have grown very different kinds of dog.pits r medium ized limited haired dogs who will be hard walked often one particular person canines, huskeys tend to be double sprayed medium that will large particular breed of dog dogs with many different energy as well as often indifferent to ppl.and poms are usually small much time haired dogs with many different energy and a velcro such as attitude to be able to ppl.i dont think its likely to have each one of these dogs a single.an akita as well as shiba inus are the closes i’ll think with.

Malamute.It’s got the dog-on-dog hostility (to your lesser extent) in the pit bull forms, enjoys laying as part of your lap like a pomeranian, and has the insane exercising requirements along with same persistent, hard-to-train temperament on the Siberian Husky.

Shiba Inu!

some types of mix
you train your dog how we want that to be

NO.one good thing is, we include some joys.

I have no idea – perhaps a Chow.

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