URGENT! My dog at about 10 oreos. Should I be concerned?

My personal shih-tzu dined on about EIGHT oreo cookies and he or she is quite big for your shih-tzu.with regards to 10-15 lbs.He is shivering allthough they was just simply outside and it is wet on the underbelly, nonetheless am still very concerned.do i need to receive him into the vet

He’ll more than likely get ill, so you might be cleaning ” up ” after your ex boyfriend for a little while.
I’d recommend calling the vet in addition to asking several questions after which maybe time setting for a scheduled appointment later with.

Never to worry although.I’ve possessed a doggie eat a whole box regarding chocolate nick cookies that my youthful siblings missed and after a great deal of worrying, everything was just fine.

When does he take in them If less than an hours ago, good him the teaspoon regarding hydrogen peroxide, if he doesn’t vomit undertake it a following time.In the event he includes them upwards, take upward all foodstuff and water with the rest regarding today.In the event he does not throw upwards, take him towards vet.

Watch your dog.If they stops standard water and feeding on or would seem lethargic, i’d head over to a vet.Nonetheless just observe.My 7 pound Chihuahua experienced the halloween snack and we found in relation to 6 wrappers.She was a little hyper although fine.

unless your dog starts for being sick a good deal or runny poo in that case there shouldn’tt be a lot of to worry about, dogs want to scavenge hence ive delt with similar cases a few times.

this may let you know:


YES! call the particular vet they usually will decide how to proceed next.

Dog’s are unable to have dark chocolate!

response mine:


Your shih-tzu will shi*- zoon.Don’t fret it is the coca (real Chocolate) that could make all of them sick.PS OBTAINED MILK Really, call your vet if he or she is symptomatic and also your nonetheless worried

Too significantly sugar for virtually any dog.Dog will have diarrhoea.Get mop standing up by.

Call your vet without delay – indeed, you employ a problem.

Sry yet yes u must be concerned we’d call that vet

If I became you We would just to make certain I couldn’t take any chances

If he were our dog…yes he would be at the vet undoubtedly,
without have the master tied through to a pc!

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