Tropical fish tank! what to stock?

concerning a THIRTY gallon aquarium (high) and i would like to stock options it with as much COLORFUL fish or it could be a jack dempsey to get a bigger tank down the road what would have been a good sturdy fish to increase my tank.
annoying in this abut supernatural’s carib sea gravel along with a top cid color reef along with a black background

some bright colored fish usually are neon tetras, guppys, dwarf gouramis, substantial fin tetras, anglefish( but providing your gonna update to your bigger aquarium SOON), various other tetras, danios, and women bettas ( absolutely no males) you could easily placed a shoal from the small species of fish, 1 as well as 2 angels(if upgrading soon), or some betta

Firstly they require some facilities n statues to be able to hide around.depending about ur budget these matters can obtain expensive.picture havin your bare room to live in thats precisely how theyll feel.almost just about all fish this arent saltwater r sultry so oughout can more or less have netype involving fish ough want.when ur goin regarding color that neon seafood a.e.a glo fish can be found in pink tangerine green pink and orange priced around 4.35-5 money.tetras are rather low-cost n come in lots of colors n patterns.i have a tigerbard tetra hes fairly cool.they range involving 150-450 each fish.except the green pink n blue pearl tetra their particular about 575.kissing gourami are generally bigger fish ive witnessed blue crimson n pink theyre quite colorful theyre 565-595.rainbow sharks ur awesome some people dont have big although there 495-545.n danios can be found in many colors cost range is pricing out of petco in walmart.oh i have something fukkkkin great colorful d rare.i possess an foreign blue lobster it truly is The great thing ever hes as a 25 buck fish tho.expectation thats enuff colouring for ya:).

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