Think this saddle’s a scam? dale chavez on ebay?

i am aware there’s hundreds of buyer protection things, so is that this safe as well as being it an actual dale chavez

Thank you!

I’d be willing to bet this $600 this is not a DC.DC was in California, as well as his saddles GET STARTED at in relation to 5K, so even a employed one upon ebay would possibly be no less than 2500.MY SPOUSE AND I didn’t see how the from India, but a new DC certainly won’t be by India.Also it didn’t glimpse “right” in my experience, so I went to the site.Most of the DC saddles, employ a gentle, curved cutaway to the close speak to, not in which severe opinion, and most do not have a bunch of the cut absent behind the particular leg.In addition, on the top end end investment saddles, such as a Dale Chavez, Pink Ribbon, Broken Horn and the like, the tooling is going to be much lower.

I don’t even think it’s any scam:) $600 for your saddle isn’t really terrible, for ebay.MY SPOUSE AND I didn’t appear, but he probably carries a reserve (so the item won’t sell unless it gets to a certain price).

He possesses 100% optimistic feedback which ticks your box..nevertheless the 36 being employed days matter would unnerve me, surely that shouldn’t consider that extended to ship

CHANGE:Also take into account it can be technecally virtually $800 witout a doubt with shipping included!

I couldn’t purchase whatever overseas that way.Seems pretty shady to my advice.Your superior off saving and spending additional money and buying a saddle in the flesh where you can see them and attempt it.

i think it is a scam.most of the comments will be the same man or women.please you can find only A FEW mins quit.

If its originating from India this spells it out while junk.

The purchase has concluded.

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